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£40.00 60 minutes

If you are feeling generally unwell, tired, run down, and just ‘out of sorts’  – Kinesiology can identify imbalances in the body including food intolerances and hormone imbalances resulting in more energy, better health and like you’ve had a physical reboot.

Call/text to book: 07920 221 019.
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Product Description

Systematic Kinesiology uses the muscles to test where imbalances lie in the body and redresses these issues using techniques such as lymphatic rubbing as well as nutritional advice and supplements.

So whether you wish to learn more about food intolerances and digestive issues, understand what stress is doing to you, test for hormonal imbalances or just learn more about how your body is working, anyone can benefit.

By using muscle testing, Kinesiology can identify what is stressing the body, as well as interpret what corrections the body needs to come back into balance.  Our bodies constantly strive to be well and balanced, Kinesiology can tap into this innate wisdom to find out what is needed to regain and maintain balance to feel healthy in body and mind. This essentially takes the guesswork out and tailors treatments to the individual.  It is a truly holistic treatment looking at the person as a whole and searching for the root cause of a problem, not just treating the symptom.

Our Kinesiologist Caoibhe Bailie Dip AK Ba Hons has been practicing for over 10 years and is available:

Tuesdays  between 10am-1pm

Thursdays between 10am-1pm