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Hopi Ear Candling

£30.00 30 minutes

Hopi ear candling combined with a skin cleanse and facial lymphatic drainage to relax and relieve symptoms of sinus pressure and ear, nose and throat ailments.

Call/text to book: 07920 221 019.
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Product Description

Hopi ear candling is an incredibly relaxing treatment that helps relieve symptoms of ear, nose and throat ailments and can be used as an alternative to syringing to equalize pressure in the ears and sinus. It can also help clients who experience ringing in the ears.

As the candle burns, in one ear at a time, they release a soft vacuum sensation in the ear that gently draws out impurities and releases pressure. American Indians were said to have used it as a mind clearing and decision making holistic method!

Orlagh combines a skin cleanse and facial lymphatic drainage massage to further clear the sinuses from toxins, which may contribute to ear, nose and throat symptoms.